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Sewage equipment selection summary

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When dealing with domestic sewage, an environmental protection measure that everyone needs to pay attention to, what kind of measures should we take when dealing with domestic sewage? What is an operation mode? What kind of domestic sewage treatment equipment should we choose? ?
Since the core of domestic sewage treatment is the biochemical part, we call the sewage treatment process specifically refers to this part, such as contact oxidation method, SBR method, A/O method and so on. In the treatment of domestic sewage by biochemical methods (including anaerobic and aerobic), it is currently the most economical and most suitable sewage treatment process. During the treatment, different sewage treatment processes are selected according to the water volume, water quality and on-site conditions of domestic sewage. It has a decisive impact on investment and operating costs. For many years, the secondary biological treatment of domestic sewage in urban areas has adopted the activated sludge method. It is the most widely used secondary biological treatment process in the world, with the advantages of high processing capacity and good effluent quality.
At present, in the field of urban domestic sewage treatment research and application, the common problems are:
(1) The traditional activated sludge method often has high capital cost, high operating cost, large energy consumption, complicated management, and easy sludge swelling; the process equipment cannot meet the requirements of high efficiency and low consumption.
(2) With the strict strictness of sewage discharge standards, the requirements for the discharge of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in sewage are high. The traditional sewage treatment process with nitrogen and phosphorus removal functions is mainly activated sludge method, which is often required. A plurality of anaerobic and aerobic reaction tanks are connected in series to form a multi-stage reaction tank, and the purpose of nitrogen and phosphorus removal is achieved by increasing the internal circulation, which is necessary to increase the cost and energy consumption of the capital investment and make the operation management more complicated.
(3) At present, the treatment of urban sewage is mainly concentrated. The investment of huge sewage collection system far exceeds the investment of the sewage treatment plant itself. Therefore, a large-scale sewage treatment plant is built to concentrate on domestic sewage and reuse it from sewage. From a perspective, it is not necessarily the only option. Many places have begun to use domestic sewage treatment equipment, which has a good treatment of sewage.
I have designed a reasonable plan according to the problems faced by domestic sewage, and adopted suitable domestic sewage treatment equipment to make our domestic sewage be treated well, which will also bring great help to the sustainable development of our life. Give us a safe and healthy living environment.

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