Main process and principle of oilfield sewage treatment equipment




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Main process and principle of oilfield sewage treatment equipment

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The basic process of oilfield sewage treatment: the oil extraction sewage from the crude oil is firstly added with oxidant
The basic process of oilfield sewage treatment: the oil extraction sewage from the crude oil is firstly added with oxidant, the sulfide in the sewage is partially oxidized, and then the precipitant is added to precipitate and remove the remaining divalent sulfur in the sewage; the organic polymer flocculant is added, Flocculation treatment of sediments, oils and other substances in sewage; sterilizing treatment with bactericide, simultaneous sedimentation and separation; after coarse filtration, fine filtration to achieve water injection quality standards; filtered water for photoelectric sterilization treatment, in processing Before the water enters the clean water tank, the corrosion and scale inhibitor is added to carry out the corrosion and scale inhibition treatment, and the water in the clean water tank is used for the reinjection. It solves the problem of oily sewage treatment with high sulfur content, high bacterial content and high salinity, achieves the water quality standard for re-injection water in low-permeability oil fields, protects the environment and saves water resources.
Development status of oilfield sewage treatment equipment: Oilfield sewage treatment equipment includes oilfield reinjection sewage treatment equipment and sewage discharge standard treatment equipment, which is mainly built in the sewage treatment system or sewage treatment station in the joint station, which is an important part of oilfield ground engineering. .
Degreasing equipment
Degreasing equipment is widely used in oil and sewage treatment. Its main function is to remove residual crude oil from sewage to prevent oil beads from being injected into the underground to block the formation. The oil removal equipment commonly used in oilfield wastewater treatment processes has the following types:
1. Vertical degreasing tank vertical degreasing tank is a gravity separation type degreasing structure. It uses the principle of the relative density difference of oil particles in oil water, so that oil particles with smaller particle size flow with water and collide continuously. The large oil beads are floated up to achieve the purpose of oil-water separation. This kind of equipment has better degreasing effect when the oil content in the sewage is >100 mg/L, which is more than 98%. The disadvantage is that the sewage has a long residence time and a large volume. At present, there are two enhancement measures to further improve the degreasing efficiency, that is, reduce the height of the vertical degreasing tank, increase the area of ​​the decontamination tank, and install the honeycomb inclined tube or swash plate in the settlement area of ​​the tank.
2. The lateral flow degreaser is developed on the basis of the swash plate degreaser. It consists of a coalescence zone and a separation zone of oily sewage. It has a unique structure, water flow state and high performance. It has been applied. Daqing Oilfield.
3. In order to improve the unit volume treatment capacity of degreasing structures and prevent oxygen from entering the oily sewage treatment system, the pressure combination degreasing device adopts pressure degreasing, pressure sedimentation, degreasing, sedimentation, etc. on the basis of coarse granulation and sloping plate degreasing technology. Several types of equipment have improved separation efficiency due to the use of coalescence technology and inclined tube separation technology. The equipment is small in size and there are currently sales of fixed equipment.
4. After the gas flotation equipment is put into operation, the degreasing effect is good. Widely used in oil fields.
5. The cyclone separator cyclone separator can realize the separation of oil and water. It is a kind of high-efficiency degreasing equipment developed. Several sets of hydrocyclone for sewage degreasing are introduced in China, and domestic research is carried out at the same time. It has been applied in Shengli and other oil fields. . This equipment is characterized by its small size, high efficiency, and low investment and operating costs. Foreign countries have developed new equipment for the treatment of oily sewage, such as new closed flotation tanks, hydrocyclones, various combined oil-water separators.

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