The basic process of oilfield sewage treatment: sewage crude oil coming out first adding an oxidizing agent for the partial oxid




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The basic process of oilfield sewage treatment: sewage crude oil coming out first adding an oxidizing agent for the partial oxid

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The basic process of oilfield sewage treatment: sewage crude oil coming out first adding an oxidizing agent for the partial oxidation of sulfide in wastewater treatment, and then added a precipitating agent in sewage remaining divalent sulfur precipitation removal; adding an organic polymer flocculant, the precipitate sewage, oil, material for flocculation; plus fungicide sterilizing processing while sedimentation separation; through the coarse filter, and then fine filter to achieve water quality standards; photoelectric sterilized water after filtration, in the process after the water before entering the water tank, scale and corrosion inhibitor were added to deal with corrosion and scale inhibitors, water tank for water reinjection. It solves the problem of high-sulfur oil sewage treatment, high levels of bacteria, high salinity, low permeability oilfield reinjection achieve water quality standards for the protection of the environment, conservation of water resources.
Development Status oilfield sewage treatment equipment: oilfield sewage treatment equipment, including oil field reinjection sewage treatment facilities and sewage efflux standard processing equipment, the main building in the United Station sewage system or sewage treatment plant is an important part of the oilfield surface engineering .
Degreasing equipment
Degreasing equipment oil equipment is widely used in sewage treatment, its main role is to remove the residual crude sewage, to prevent clogging of oil beads injected into underground formations. Oilfield sewage treatment process common degreasing equipment are the following: 1. In addition to vertical addition Vertical tank is a tank oil gravity separation type structure, it is the use of oil particles relative density difference of principle in the water, so that the smaller the particle size of the oil particles with the water flow, continuous collision poly the oil droplets into large floating oil-water separation to achieve the purpose. This equipment sewage oil> 100 mg / L when oil is better, up to 98%, the disadvantage is the long residence time of water, large volume. There are two measures to strengthen the oil removal efficiency can be further improved, which in addition to reducing the vertical height of the tank, in addition to increased oil tank area; installed in the tank honeycomb inclined tube settling zone or swash plate.
2. The lateral flow oil separator device is developed in the swash plate demister on the basis of a two-part coalescence zone and oily wastewater separation zone, has a unique structure, flow regime and efficient performance has been applied Daqing Oilfield.
3. A combination of pressure oil apparatus in order to increase oil processing capacity per unit volume of structures and prevent oxygen from entering the oily wastewater treatment system that uses oil pressure in a coarse-grained degreasing swash plate and on the basis of technology, oil pressure and settlement, settlement and other one several types of equipment, the use of coalescing technology, separating inclined tube technology to improve the separation efficiency. Devices are small, there are stereotypes equipment sales.
4. Good degreasing effect after air flotation equipment put into operation. Widely used in oil fields.
5. Cyclone cyclone separator can achieve water separation, is to develop an efficient oil removal equipment, the introduction of several sets of domestic hydrocyclone for degreasing of wastewater, while carrying out the localization of research, has been applied in Shengli Oilfield . This device has a small size, high efficiency, low investment and operating costs and so on. Foreign handling of oily wastewater has developed a number of new devices, such as the new closed flotation tank, hydrocyclones, a variety of modular oil-water separators and the like.

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